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Using the utmost care and precision, STEP designs and manufactures the very best figure skating blades. Available in unique metals and finishes, our blades will give you complete confidence for every move you make on the ice.

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For Today’s Synchro Skater

Equivalent blade:

Jackson Finesse

The Synchro blade was designed with the rule book in mind. We took a hard look at what it takes to score points. Instead of cutting the heel off a freeskate blade, we designed a new one, focusing on edge quality and the specifics of that tight synchro spacing. The result was a unique profile that combines the features for free skating, synchro skating, edgework, and footwork.

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  • Forgiving profile
  • Light-grip picks
  • Tall stanchions for deep edges
  • Lightweight
  • Great value

Available finish:

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