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Using the utmost care and precision, STEP designs and manufactures the very best figure skating blades. Available in unique metals and finishes, our blades will give you complete confidence for every move you make on the ice.

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All purpose


The Best Blade for Beginners

Equivalent blade:

MK Single Star, MK Double Star, John Wilson Majestic, Jackson Mirage, Riedell Volant

Most entry-level blades are under-engineered. Beginners struggle to perform basic figures. We believe beginners need blade features that help accelerate the learning curve. The SOLO blade has a gentle, forgiving profile that makes basic skating easier.

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  • Short stanchions for greater stability
  • Slotted holes for ease of mounting
  • Medium lift works for all single jumps
  • Straight picks for medium grip
  • Comfortable 7 foot skating radius

Available finish:

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